Branding/Planning/Graphic/Web/Fashion/Photo/Movie/Sounds/Printing/Production MASAMUNE Inc.

Let us tell you about a belief of creative work. We meet not only your needs. We will make you even happier than you expected with the special skill of our craftsmen, which is highly evaluated by the experts in the same industry.

MASAMUNE’s creative work means not only answer the requests but also we can suggest the flexible and appropriate designs to your original ideas. However it is difficult to measure the quality of the designs by the objective figures. So it may sometimes cause the conflict between you and us when we propose our ideas, but please notice, we just don’t do the routine work. We are the professionals, we are the skillful craftsmen. We understand the essence of your future goal and we will show you the solution with the extra value. Moreover there is one thing we especially care about in our policy. We want our work produced by our thoughts and designs to be professional even from the view point of other creators in the same industry. We can easily make our clients satisfied if we just do whatever they demand, however it doesn’t mean that we are responding to the true requests from them. We believe we make our customers satisfied when our designs or products make other craftsmen in the same industry impressed. We are proud of our craftsmanship, we are the design professionals. We sincerely listen to our clients, and we inspire other professionals in the same industry. And again, it leads to the higher customer satisfaction with their understanding and trust which develops all our employees greatly. We promise that we will keep going with this faith in us. Thank you.

MASAMUNE Inc. CEO Ryota Nakazono