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Masamune Inc. is a creative company based in Tokyo.

We adequately combine "Business Mind" from the marketing and branding perspectives, and "Creative Mind" with full use of graphic works, for the sake of defining the particular potential of the brand and producing methods to present the comprehensive value.

Offering farsighted creative brandings, we design logo identities and visual arts, and establish fundamental creativities.
Our services include: layout, manufacturing management and quality control of the product packaging; graphic design; web design; advertising; promotional planning and design; and specialized printing.
Planning and construction management for a spatial design project
are also covered.

We reconsider thoughts, philosophy and concept beyond the restriction of categories,
and provide creative consulting services from a perspective of visually interactive communication in order to bring the brand success.


Branding We establish a desirable role for the brand, taking account of market trends and potential needs researched in our domestic network.
We clearly define the "visual identity" of the brand created by the design elements such as tones, theme colors, logos and typography, to determine the absolute image of the brand.
We also support to create a new brand by designing the brand image and providing consultating services on the brand strategy.

Graphic design / Printing We provide total direction to the printing, offering time-befitting designs with selected details of typography and other components, and business-minded visual expression. The direction includes printing particular texture, designing ideal effects, and introducing preferable tools.We also successfully give an added value to the function, shape and graphic design of the product, by combining characteristics of various printing techniques. This is enabled by our deep knowledge both traditional printing techniques such as letterpress and silk-screen printing, and cutting-edge techniques such as inline foil printing.

Package design To satisfy both of creators and customers, we offer the comprehensive design of the package. It includes visual impact and texture perception from touch that motivate customers to buy and possess the product.
Needless to say, package design is not the only determinant of the product. Therefore, we also put importance on the consistency of the package design with the brand image as well as on the environment in which end users experience the package.

Website Web contents including websites are essential to represent the identity of the company and brand.We ,Masamune, provide an interactive design/structure with the website, which has structural universality and usability, a content marketing function, and well response to the trend. We also offer a consulting service on online PR/communication upon request.

Advertising strategy / PR strategy We have focused on designs reflecting both of creative and business minds, and our unique presentation and idea with digital technologies.
This enables us to provide promotional ideas that agree with variety of media such as printed matters and online media including videos. We also flexibly combine typography, images, graphics and photographs according to the strategy of advertising and PR, and deliver a creative presentation and appropriate communication, in order to bring the brand success.

Photo / Video Shooting Photos and videos in advertising media, including printed matters and the website, are crucial contents to present the brand image.We provide the best photo/video shooting and direction, cooperating with professional photographers, shooting teams and experts in several fields.

Copywriting Our copywriting service provides logical and imaginative copies that match the design and concept. The copies can be created from the existing texts.We also re-structure the existing contents and offer a consultation on utilizing contents from the structural view points.

Spatial design / Sign design We offer a high-creative direction to the spatial design in order to create a unique space where the space identity and graphic designs are well harmonize. We deal with commercial facilities such as shops and cafes for example.Cooperating with experts of architecture and interior design, we provide a total design consistent to the both concepts of the brand and the space. We also control its quality throughout the process including the construction stage.




【募集職種】 1. ディレクター(進行管理・営業)
2. グラフィックデザイナー
3. Webディレクター・デザイナー
4. フロントエンドエンジニア


CEO: Ryota Nakazono

Address: 5F FIELD Kita-sando 4.4.4 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 151.0051
Phone: 03.6721.0145
Facsimile: 03.6721.0146
Founded: December 17, 2004
Capital: 30,000,000

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5F FIELD Kita-sando 4.4.4 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 151.0051
03.6721.0145 / Tel   03.6721.0146 / Fax

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